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small demonstration how the robot-arm (from Maplin) can be controlled by Raspberry PI.
A Python script is used to directly address the USB interface from the robot-arm and to control the motors on the arm via the commands.

The robot-arm will be controlled via keyboard:

  • exit with 'x'
  • left/right 'a' 's'
  • shoulder up/down 'e' 'd'
  • elbow up/down 'r' 'f'
  • wrist up/down 't' 'g'
  • grip closing/opening 'q' 'w'
  • lights on/off (toggle) 'l'
The movement will continue as long as specific key is pressed (except lights).

that's how it looks like (in doubt, please download original AVI from top right: video ~32MB):


  • Raspberry Pi
  • ... and the robot-arm (from Maplin)


sourcecode robotarm.py


2x16 character display driven by Raspberry-Pi.
Push-button allows to toggle different functions/displays.
Temperature sensor TMP36 and AD-converter MCP3008 enables Raspberry-Pi to show e.g. current/min/max temperature.
Due to push-button you can toggle between 3 different informations:

  • greetings + IP-address
  • current date and time
  • current temperature and measured min/max temperature
Programm can be interrupted by Ctrl + C.

that's how it looks like (in doubt, please download original AVI from top right: video ~57MB):


  • Raspberry Pi
  • MCP3008 AD-converter
  • TMP36 sensor
  • push-button
  • 10k Ω potentiometer
  • LCD-display (2x16)
  • ... and a few cables


[ multi-function-display-Steckplatine_klein.jpg ]


Quellcode lcd_temp.py

Zumo-Control control Zumo via Bluetooth

control Zumo-chassis with Android-App via Bluetooth. Controlling via:

  • bottons
  • decline control

that's how it looks like:

Zumo-Control Zumo-Control-mobile


  • Raspberry Pi zero w Details
  • Zumo Chassis Kit Details
  • 2x 100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP 6V Details
  • DC Motor Driver 2x1.5A (HR8833) Details
  • ... and a few cables


[ zumo-control_fritzing_klein.jpg ]

source Python:

source control-zumo.py

source Java (Android):

source MainActivity.java

Devastator surveillance-robot:

semi-autonomous robot, which will be controlled via webinterface and includes following features:

  • livestream video
  • 4x ultrasonic distance sensors
  • control of movable camera which is IR capable and active IR-led
  • controlable led (or any digital output)
  • status feedback (like batterie status, resource usage)
  • 3-axis sensor + compass


  • Raspberry Pi zero w details
  • Devastator (Tank Mobile Robot Platform - including 2 6V motors) details
  • Thunderborg (Dual 5A Motor Controller with DC/DC & RGB LED - I2C) details
  • Ultraborg (PWM Servo Control w/ Ultrasonic Sensor Support - I2C) details
  • CMPS10 (Tilt Compensated Compass Module - I2C) details
  • 4x HC-SR04 (Ultrasonic Distance Sensor) details
  • ADA1967 (Mini Pan-Tilt Kit - Assembled with Micro Servos) details
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Board (Night Vision & Adjustable-Focus Lens) details
  • BC337 NPN transistor
  • rectifier diode
  • 2x 330 Ω resistors
  • 2.2 µF capacitor
  • mini breadboard
  • ... and a few cables

Python sourcecode:

Quellcode devastator3.py

HTML source:

Quellcode devastator2.html

... ready, but not documented yet. Please see some pictures meanwhile:

Devastator3 Devastator3 - front Devastator3 - top Devastator3 - rear Devastator3 - webinterface Devastator3 - webinterface-nightvision




Zumo-Control control of Zumo via Bluetooth

Devastator surveillance robot

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